Program ZAV in Germany


ZAV Germany is a government program that enables students to work and live in Germany during their winter and summer holidays.

From October 2020, the period of stay of students in practice is strictly controlled by the German Federal Employment Agency Bundesagenur fur Arbeit /

because of this, PROGRAM PERIODS were reduced for summer and winter.

Winter period from 15.12.2021 to 31.01.2022 / Practice from 20.01.2022 to 28.04.2022

Summer period from 01.06.2022 to 31.08.2022

Why it is important to register for the ZAV 2022 program in advance:

1. Employer in Germany should apply to the Federal Employment Agency 4-8 weeks before the start of your internship.
2. The number of vacancies are limited, preference is given to candidates with work experience
3. Restrictions on age, candidates over 28 years old will find it more difficult to obtain permission to travel to Germany if the submission of documents is closer to the date of departure. For this reason, registration in advance gives a guarantee of obtaining permits for work.
4. The cost of the program may increase closer to the departure dates due to high demand.
5. The choice of vacancies is always greater at the beginning of registration and you can find more comfortable and suitable job.
6. Pre-registration gives you the guarantee of receiving permission on time and without delay, and guarantees you the preservation of all working days.

Requirements for candidates for an internship:

1 Fill registration form in German language (Bewerbungsbogen).
2 Get a certificate from the university (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung).
3 Photo: one 3.5×4.5 (80% of the photo area is a face).
4 Biometric passport.
5 Send documents by mail to the manager or
6 Pay registration fee

Leave a request and the manager will contact you!

  • Sorting DPD parcels, Germany ZAV 2022









    VACANCY without knowledge of Germany language

    DPD international express delivery service required staff  for wild range work process

    Official work permit from the German Federal Employment Agency for 90 days


    Summer from 01.06.2022 to 31.08.2022

    Requirements: men, girls,  from 18 to 35 years old, work experience is optional, advantage for students


    • Sorting of outgoing and incoming mail parcels;
    • Pack post-packages (packs), send them in accordance with mailing plans.

    Working conditions: 5-6 days a week, 8 hours per day

    Places of work: Berlin, Leipzig, Hanover, Hamburg, Papenburg

    Salary: 10.15 euros / hour including taxes, (7.50 euros euros after taxes)

    Average salary 1200-1350 € per month

    Employer provides:

    • accommodation – free
    • Emploer provide free of charge transfer from acomdation to the place of work

    Registration documents:

    • Standard form
    • Valid passport
  • Staff at a restaurant, Burg (Spreewald), Germany, ZAV 2022

    Traditional Restaurant located in the resort region of Germany requered waiters

    Official work permit from the German Federal Employment Agency for 90 days.

    PROGRAM PERIODS: Summer from 01.06.2022 to 31.08.2022

    Open positions:

    •     cook (no knowledge of German)
    •     waiter (knowledge of German at A2, B1 levels)

    Requirements: age from 18 to 35 years old, work experience as a European cuisine chef from 1 year, work experience is not required for waiters.

    Duties: according to the vacancy

    Working conditions: 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, you can take additional working hours

    Salary: 9, 35 euros / hour Gross (tax up to 12%)

    Average net earnings 1300-1600€ per month

    The employer provides:

    • Housing (EUR 200 per month)
    • Food – During the working day, lunch is provided by the employer, the rest at his own expense.

    Registration documents:

    • Defined form
    • Valid passport


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