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    Working abroad: profitable and promising

    The current economic situation in our country is provoking more and more young and ambitious people to go abroad in search of high-paying jobs that would be the basis of their happy, dignified life. More and more young people are looking for work abroad in Kyiv and other cities, because sooner or later everyone comes to the realization that something needs to change, how to develop and try something new.

    Working abroad is a very important topic for Ukrainians. The leader in working abroad is Germany, vacancies in Germany are always in the lead in terms of working conditions and high wages. Work   in Germany became   more accessible in 2020 for Ukrainians, especially for young people under 35.

    Many have acquaintances who have been working in Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Israel, Korea, and other European countries for many years, and this income is enough to support a family here in Ukraine. Looking at such examples, everyone wants to try something new, but not everyone has enough knowledge and connections to get around all the pitfalls and find a good job abroad. In addition, students often decide to do an internship abroad, which is a way to gain good experience, see the country and earn well. Internship in Bulgaria has long been an excellent option for a vacation at sea and a good income, our candidates emphasize that during the summer in Ukraine, they earned 2-3 times less.

    Viva - Work Kyiv, Cherkasy   is a highly qualified assistant in this difficult matter. Working abroad (Kyiv, Cherkasy) is one of our priority areas. Managers of Viva-Work Kyiv and Cherkasy know the difficulties faced by a person who decided to go abroad for the first time to earn money. We will help not only to find a job that will bring money and pleasure, but also to avoid common problems in the process of employment abroad. The central office of VIVA-WORK Kyiv is located at 16/16 Sofiyivska Street. Office 3. The decision to open an office in the capital is due to the fact that many people in search of more money first decide to go to a big city, but working abroad Kyiv is always the best option. financial problems. Therefore, our managers are patiently and professionally trying to select vacancies in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and some Arab countries.

    The main benefits of working abroad

    What could be better than living and working in a country that has always attracted you? Using the services of Viva-Work Kyiv, Cherkasy agency, you can realize your long-held dream not only to look and work in the Czech Republic, work in Germany, Portugal, but also to live there for some time, better learn the traditions and cultural features of the country. Living abroad provides more opportunities for self-development, broadening horizons. You can learn or improve the level of knowledge of another foreign language, get useful, interesting acquaintances, travel in your free time, see different European countries.

    Working abroad is very important now for married couples. This is a great opportunity to always be with loved ones, which is very important when you first go to an unfamiliar country. This way, you will have support during a difficult period of adaptation. In addition, the foreign vacancy market offers many suitable options.

    Kyiv usually needs people of the following types to work abroad: Qualified specialists in a certain field and hard-working workers. The first type of people requires a diploma and confirmation of professional skills and abilities. The second has simpler requirements: responsibility and efficiency. For this category of people, work in Lithuania, vacancies in the Czech Republic for married couples   - legal work, long work visas, give confidence to Ukrainian citizens in the future and guarantees   in receiving a decent salary in Europe.

    Oriya is a job abroad for students and young people. For such candidates, we recommend that you study countries very carefully to work abroad, because lack of experience, youthful maximalism and lack of understanding of the situation often lead to negative experiences. From our experience of recruiting agency, internships and work in Bulgaria, work in Portugal is the safest and most understandable for students to work abroad.

    Viva-Work Kyiv, Cherkasy vacancies for work abroad are very diverse, so everyone will find the option that best suits his specialization.

    Contact us and discover inexhaustible opportunities in terms of decent income and self-realization!

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